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Study effects of simultaneous interaction of liquid and solid aerosol particles on the filtration system efficiency in the machining processes.

Kierownik projektu: Tomasz Jankowski M.Sc. (Eng.)

Streszczenie projektu:

The purpose of the project was to study simultaneous filtration of liquid and solid aerosol (dust) in non-woven systems used to protect workers from harmful dirt particles emitted in machining processes. Within the project technical assumptions of test bench were developed using the method of aerosol particle counting. Tests were performed at an early stage and at the stage of change in resistance of the flow and filtration of dust and liquid aerosol particles under certain conditions simulating machining process emissions by selected filtration systems. Experimental verification of research methodology enabled development of procedures for assessing and monitoring the efficiency of non-woven systems (NCF-30). Recommendations for the assessment of worker protection from the combined threat of liquid and solid aerosol particles were developed. On their basis educational package was prepared, which consisted of a module card, source material, task activation, a set of control questions and additional materials which every listener of the computer presentation should be familiar with.

Jednostka: Department of Chemical and Aerosol Hazards

Okres realizacji: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013