Department of Personal Protective Equipment - Projects

Developing methods of testing and criteria for assessing protective helmets and eye and face protectors for explosive atmospheres

Project manager: Marcin Jachowicz Ph.D. (Eng.)

Project summary:

A stand was developed and built for testing surface resistance of industrial helmets and face and eye protectors. This resistance was measured with flat electrodes placed on the tested elements; they were made of electro-conductive varnish. Also developed was a criterion for assessing surface resistance of the tested products. Tests conducted on a selected group of protective equipment showed that the criterion was not met for any type of explosive mixture. A stand for measuring electrostatic voltage generated on the surface of industrial helmets and face and eye protectors was also developed and built. A criterion was defined for assessing the value of the generated load of the tested products. The protective glasses that were tested slightly exceeded the assumed threshold values for the load. However, none of the tested face protectors can be used in explosive atmospheres. A test procedure was developed for the above-mentioned tests.

Unit: Department of Personal Protective Equipment

Duration: 31.12.2008 – 30.12.2010