Personal Protective Equipment



Personal protective equipment

If organizational or technical activities, aimed at the elimination or reduction of occupational risk, do not bring satisfying results, the use of personal protective equipment is the ultimate method of protecting workers against hazards. Equipment should be matched to the existing hazard, with the user's ergonomic requirements taken into consideration. Only personal protective equipment that conforms to the basic safety requirements, confirmed in laboratory tests, can ensure adequate protection of the worker's health and safety.

  The Institute's activities:

  • testing protective and utility parameters of personal protective equipment
    • respiratory protective devices
    • head, hands and legs protective equipment
    • equipment protecting against falls from a height
    • protective clothing
    • eye and face protectors
  • development of guidelines regarding selection of personal protective equipment with respect to existing hazards and working conditions
  • development of new solutions and manufacturing technologies for personal protective equipment
  • advice and expert opinions on selection and use of personal protective

Department of Personal Protective Equipment,

Katarzyna Majchrzycka, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

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