National Competition of Working Conditions Improvement

National Competition of Working Conditions Improvement
General information

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

in collaboration with:

Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Education and Science
Ministry of Health
Federation of Scientific-Technical Associations - NOT
National Labour Inspectorate
Social Insurance Institution
Agriculture Social Insurance Fund
Trade Union "Solidarity”
(All Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (Ogólnopolskie Porozumienie Związków Zawodowych OPZZ)



Competition Categories:

  • Category A:
    • technical and organizational solutions applied in practice
  • Category B:
    • research on occupational safety and hygiene as well as ergonomics aiming to improve: working conditions, including safety and health protection, applicable in practice.

The  objective of the competition is to inspire and to disseminate research work and  technical and organizational solutions which lead to the improvement of working conditions, safety of work and protection of man in the working environment  - covering the greatest possible number of both enterprises and  workers – by improving the existing or introducing new methods of hazard and occupational risk assessment, new constructions, technologies, equipment and materials as well as organizational solutions.

Further information and the "Competition Regulations"are available at::

  • Secretariat of the Competition Jury – Central Institute of Labour Protection – National Research Institute
    00-701 Warsaw, 16  Czerniakowska str.
    phone: (+48 22) 623 36 83, fax (+48 22) 623 32 64
  • Voivodship Councils of FSNT-NOT (Polish Federation of Engineering
  • Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Społecznego (Agricultural Social Insurance Fund)
  • Main seats of regional authorities of NSZZ SOLIDARNOŚĆ (“Solidarity” Trade Union)
  • Main seats of regional authorities of Ogólnopolskie Porozumienie Związków Zawodowych (All Poland Alliance of Trade Unions)
  • secretariats of higher schools
  • Scientific units of PAN (Polish Academy of Science) and research and development institutions