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The Institute's Scientific Council provides decision making, project initiation, opinion dissemination, and advisory services. It defines the direction of the Institute's development and provides advice on scientific, research and technology staffing. The Council is entitled to express opinions on all of the Institute's activities. Its tasks include defining farreaching goals for the Institute’s scientific, development and introductory activities; critiquing topical and financial plans and annual reports; evaluating qualifications of candidates for scientific, research and technology positions, and assessing periodically their scientific and technical achievements; preparatory proceedings into conferring academic degrees and titles; and running Ph.D. programmes.

The Institute's Scientific Council was appointed in 1950. Since then it has included distinguished scientists representing diverse scientific disciplines involved in defining, studying and shaping safe and healthy work environments. The Council was originally chaired by Professor Ignacy Malecki, Ph.D., to be later headed by Professor Dionizy Smoleński, Ph.D., Professor Jerzy Olszewski, Ph.D.(Eng.), Professor Stanisław Paszkowski, Ph.D.(Eng.), Professor Jan Kostrzewski, Ph.D. D.Sc., Professor Adam Lipowczan, Ph.D.(Eng.) D.Sc.(Eng.), and since 1999 by Professor Zbigniew Engel, Ph.D.(Eng.) D.Sc.(Eng.). Since December 1996, the Institute has been entitled to grant doctorates in environmental engineering. The Council has so far overseen 21 defences of doctoral dissertations.

The following Commissions operate as part of the Council

  • Commission for the Assessment of Plans and Reports
  • Commission for the Assessment of Qualifications of Researchers and Technicians Involved in Research
  • Commission for Scientific Development
  • Commission for Ph.D. Programmes, acting in accordance with the 12 September 1990 Act on academic degrees and academic titles.

Members of the Scientific Council of the Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute in the term of office 2017-2021

Persons from outside the Institute appointed as members of the CIOP-PIB Scientific Council by the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy:

1. Prof. Leon Gradoń, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.) - Chairman

2. Prof. Adam LIPOWCZAN, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.) - Vice-chairman

3. Prof. Bogusław BUSZEWSKI, Ph.D., D.Sc.

4. Prof. Maciej JAROSZ, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

5. Prof. Marcin KAMIŃSKI, Ph. D., D. Med. Sc.

6. Andrzej P. KRAWIECKI, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

7. Prof. Jan K. LUDWICKI, Ph.D., D.Sc.

8. Prof. Adam MAZURKIEWICZ, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

9. Prof. Tadeusz PAŁKO, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

10. Marcin PAPRZYCKI, Ph.D., D.Sc.

11. Prof. Zbigniew POPIOŁEK, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

12. Dariusz SAWICKI, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

13. Adam TARNOWSKI, Ph.D., D.Sc.

14. Prof. Elżbieta A. TRAFNY, Ph. D., D. Med. Sc.

15. Prof. Stanislaw Wincenciak, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

Persons elected to the CIOP-PIB Scientific Council in a vote on 30.01.2017 from among the employees of the Institute:

1. Prof. Roman BROSZKIEWICZ, Ph.D., D.Sc. – Vice-chairman

2. Dariusz PLEBAN, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.) - Secretary

3. Agnieszka BROCHOCKA, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

4. Joanna BUGAJSKA, Ph.D., D. Med. Sc.

5. Andrzej DĄBROWSKI, Ph.D. (Eng.)

6. Mariusz DĄBROWSKI, Ph.D. (Eng.)

7. Agnieszka GAJEK, Ph.D.

8. Prof. Rafał L. GÓRNY, Ph.D., D. Med. Sc.

9. Prof. Krzysztof KĘDZIOR, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

10. Prof. Maria KONARSKA, Ph.D., D. Med. Sc.

11. Katarzyna MAJCHRZYCKA, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

12. Grzegorz OWCZAREK, Ph.D. (Eng.)

13. Małgorzata POŚNIAK, Ph.D.

14. Prof. Danuta ROMAN-LIU, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

15. Agnieszka WOLSKA, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)

In accordance with Article 30, paragraph 5 of the Act of 30 April 2010 on research institutes, in addition, regardless of the above mentioned number, the CIOP-PIB Scientific Council is composed of:

1. Prof. Danuta KORADECKA, Ph.D., D. Med. Sc.– Director

2. Wiktor M. ZAWIESKA, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.) – Deputy Director for Technology and Implementation

3. Jolanta H. MATUSIAK, Ph.D. (Eng.) – Representative of the competent minister in charge of higher education and science

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