Electromagnetic fields



Electromagnetic fields of various frequencies and intensities exist in both the working and living environment. The most common sources of those fields, encountered practically everywhere, are electrical equipment, radio and TV communication devices, office equipment  and consumer products. In the working environment, electro-thermal and medical devices are also sources of electromagnetic fields.
Electromagnetic fields can cause health problems and accidents, and interfere with the operation of electric and electronic equipment.

     Institute's activities:

  • development of evaluation criteria and methods of measuring workers' exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • testing and evaluation of electromagnetic fields and hazards
  • determination of exclusion zones around devices generating electromagnetic fields
  • testing the electromagnetic environment for proper placement of devices sensitive to such fields
  • calibration of equipment for measuring electromagnetic fields.

Department of Bioelectromagnetism
Jolanta Karpowicz, Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)
phone: (+48 22) 623 46 50,
e-mail: jokar@ciop.pl