Computer software supporting OSH-related activities in small and microenterprises

Computer Software MIKRO-BHP is the simple tool supporting health and safety activities in small and microenterprise. The programme is addressed mainly at employers and employees of Polish small enterprises and micro-enterprises, employing up to ten workers. The programme contains simple functionality, which helps to characterize a few work stands, taken into account the main aspects of the OSH working conditions and supports conducting the most important activities in the field of obligatory OSH activities.

The MIKRO-BHP enables:

  • conducting registration of hazards at workstands
  • supporting detailed measurement data processing and collecting,
  • making data sheets of the measurement results of most of the harmful agents in the working environment,
  • conducting automatically occupational risk assessment at workstands (assessment of hazards and occupational risk is conducted on the basis of threshold limit values – TLV of harmful agents in the working environment covered by the system in force in Poland)
  • creating obligatory documents (reports on working conditions, technical and medical prevention, etc.),
  • registering occupational accidents, using several interactive forms
  • collecting data necessary for documenting post-accident investigations and creating related obligatory documents,
  • making necessary printouts relating risk assessment and post-accident documentation

MIKRO-BHP is a product of the Polish National Programme "IMPROVEMENT OF SAFETY AND WORKING CONDITIONS" (2004-2010). The MIKRO-BHP computer programme was developed in the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute in 2007 and up till now it is systematically upgraded in step with OSH technical progress, changes in OSH – related legislation and special user needs.

Except of the above listed functions the MIKRO-BHP software contains several informative parts: a “Reference OSH-handbook” (in polish: “Informator”), a “Guide-book” (in polish “Poradnik”) oraz “Examples of risk assessment” (“Ryzyko wzorcowe”). They have been developed in order to make it easier for employers in the smallest enterprises in Poland, to have a quick and convenient access to the basic and necessary information in the field of safety and health protection in the working environment. The informative parts are profiled according to individual types of business activity and they are developed, therefore, in the form of dedicated sets of information and popularization materials. For the convenience of users, information materials, carefully selected, have been presented separately for various sectors of the economy.

The information contained in the “Reference OSH-handbook” allows employers to get acquainted with the complete set of legal regulations binding in the field of OSH (their full texts are published) and to assess the state of safety at work in the enterprise. The materials contain a discussion of employer’s basic duties in the field of occupational safety and health, and also the consequences of failure to comply with the law in force in this field. The OSH checklists, enclosed successively, make available specifications of potential hazards that can emerge in the enterprise of a specific sector, and indicate concrete solutions relating to the methods of their elimination or reduction.

The “Guide-Book” contains lists and choice-forms and databases of harmful agents, of chemical safety datasheets and of personal protective equipment, certified in Poland. It helps users of the programme to identify sources of risk at workstands and then – to perform the proper methods of prevention.