TECH-SAFE-BIO - The Centre for Research and Development on Work Processes and Safety Engineering


TECH-SAFE-BIO - The Centre for Research and Development on Work Processes and Safety Engineering


The objective of the Tech-Safe-Bio project was to construct the infrastructure and to equip the scientific laboratories group functioning in the structure of CIOP-PIB with modern research equipment. This action was necessary to create the potential for high quality advanced research in line with strategic national and European research programmes.



The opening ceremony of new research laboratories of the Central Institute for Labour Protection-National Research Institute will be held in October 7th, 2015 in Warsaw.

State-of-the-art laboratories are adjusted to conduct interdisciplinary research aimed at protection of health and safety of workers in the scope of:

  • assessment of toxicity and occupational exposure in the working environment associated with the presence of harmful chemical substances, biological agents and aerosols, including hazards related to the use of nanomaterials
  • impact of physical and psychosocial environment on workers
  • mechanical, electrical and optical radiation hazards
  • noise and mechanical vibration hazards
  • design of workplaces using virtual reality techniques and computer simulations.
  • hazards associated with electromagnetic fields and their impact on human health and safety


The Tech-Safe-Bio laboratories significantly broaden the scope of research and development work related to protection of man, in this older persons and the disabled, in working and living environments. They give new impetus to the Institute’s development, including research staff, and intensify cooperation with other research and development entities.

High-tech research equipment is used for high quality advanced research work, e.g. designing and development of innovative methods and technical solutions aimed at improvement of occupational safety in different sectors of economy under thematic priority areas of Info, Tech and Bio that comply with strategic research programmes of the European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety as well as thematic priorities of the European research area.