"Certification – action of a third party indicating that a correctly identified product, process or service conforms to some specified requirements."


The scope of certification performed by CIOP-PIB includes:
- certification of products
- certification of management systems
- certification of person's competences

There are two centres for certification at the Institute:

  • Centre for Certification of Personal Protective and Working Equipment
  • Centre for Assessment and Development of OSH Competence


 The activities of the above mentioned Centres include:



Assessment of conformity of products related to safety and protection of health, life and environment


Voluntary certification of products


Certification of systems of management of OSH, quality, environment, and food safety management systems, and integrated management systems (OSH, QMS, EMS, FSMS)


Certification of competences of OSH lecturers, OSH specialists, specialists in measuring working condition parameters, and auditors of OSH management systems. Also, the Centre provides certification of competences of individuals dealing with training those groups of specialists.