Departament description


The Centre organises:


  • basic and periodic courses for employers, persons supervising other people's work, representatives of employees (safety delegates, trade unions) as well as safety and labour protection services,
  • post-graduate studies for teachers of safety and protection of man in the working environment as well as safety and occupational health engineers,
  • specialist courses for occupational health and safety services and environmental laboratories workers dealing with various kinds of hazards present at the work place:
    • Noise and vibration hazards in the working environment" (measurement, assessment, control),
    • "Chemical agents hazards in the working environment" (measurement, assessment),
    • "Occupational safety and ergonomics in hot and cold environments",
    • "Lighting in enterprises",
    • "Physical load assessment in the working environment",
    • "Personal protective equipment",


  • prepares training syllabuses and necessary didactic aids,
  • meets educational needs halfway, spreading information among potential trainees.


The Programme Council supervises the work of the Education Centre. It establishes the educational policy of the Centre and evaluates its realisation. The Council consists of scientists and practitioners, including social partners concerned with improving working conditions.


Head of the Education Centre
Beata Taradejna-Nawrath

Beata Taradejna-Nawrath, Ph.D.
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