Departament description

The activity of the Centre consists in:

  • collecting and disseminating information in the field of occupational safety, ergonomics and health protection, informing about the results of scientific research and implemented technical, organisational and legal solutions,
  • spreading knowledge among the society about occupational hazards and the principles of safe work,
  • preparing modern information materials,
  • development of the thematic, scientific information system, with extension of electronic resources, aimed at providing users with current, reliable OSH information, application of ALEPH computer system with PRIMO search solution (ExLibris),
  • development of electronic resources: digitalisation of selected, printed resources, linking to electronic versions of publications, subscription of  extensive databases of electronic journals with full-text versions of articles,
  • continuous documentation work, indexing, verification of records, terminology, up-dating links, aimed to improve search relevance and efficiency,
  • cooperation with national and international partners (Polish Society of Information Science (PTIN), International Society of Knowledge Organisation (ISKO), ExLibris, PolALEPH, IgeLU,
  • other tasks stated in the National Programme (2017-2019), concerning the improvement of working conditions in Poland.


Head of the Centre
Witold Sygocki, Ph.D.

Witold Sygocki,
Pracownie Instytutu
Section for Scientific Information and Documentation
Pracownicy Instytutu