Static Electricity and Air Ionization

Excessive electrification of materials, objects, devices and installations, can lead to electric shock accidents and spark discharges causing ignition of gases, vapours, dusts, explosives etc. Electrically charged aerosol particles (large air-ions) and electrostatic fields cause pollutants to settle on human skin. Moreover, air concentration of natural small air-ions, favourable for humans, is limited.


  The Institute's activities:

-  testing and evaluation of air ionisers and general-use
   electrostatic air filters
-  prevention of accidents caused by static electricity
-  computer-aided determination of the distribution and intensity
   electrostatic fields at workstations.


Department of Bioelectromagnetism  

Piotr Ostrowski Ph.D. (Eng.)
phone: (+48 22) 623 46 44,