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Performance tests models of phenomena present when equipment protecting against falls from a height is used on poles

Project manager: Zygmunt Zrobek M.Sc. (Eng.)

Project summary:

"The aim of this task was to improve the safety of workers working on poles, by creating content-related bases that would make it possible to assess protective parameters and by developing safe and optimal - from the point of view of use and economy - means and methods of protecting against falls from a height. The realization of a task expressed in this way was based on performance tests of models of phenomena that take place when protective equipment on a pole construction is used. The following tasks, among others, were carried out: -a test stand was designed and constructed for testing systems protecting against falls from a height on poles. It consists of a supporting pole, models of poles, and measurement and auxiliary accessories; -test models of two protective systems to use on poles were produced; - the fall distance of a work positioning system while arresting the fall of a rigid manikin, in co-operation poles was investigated; - a work positioning system with a wooden pole with increased surface roughness was investigated; the values of the geometric parameters of the worker - protection system - a pole system in simulated conditions of practical use were determined; -guidelines on the use and construction of protective systems - a movable ladder co-operating with a self-locking device with a flexible guide bar - was developed; -the efficiency of preventing falls with a work positioning system was assessed."

Unit: Department of Personal Protective Equipment

Duration: 01.09.2002 – 30.11.2004