Department of Vibroacustic Hazards - Projects

Developing an adaptive acoustic road signal with a module for registering data on noise

Project manager: Paweł Górski M.Sc. (Eng.)

Project summary:

The aim of the task was to develop a technical solution that would make it possible to decrease the sound pressure level of the signal emitted at pedestrian crossings, which lets visually impaired people cross the street safely. The hearing of visually impaired people was analysed with special attention paid to identifying an acoustic signal masked with traffic noise. The requirements that had to be met by properly working audible signal devices were also analysed. This analysis showed that signal devices emit correctly selected signals as far as the information function is concerned; however, if the level of the acoustic background was low, it was possible to considerably reduce the level of emitted noise without losing the required information. This was followed by the development of a module for adapting the sound pressure level of the emitted signal of the model of the audible road signal device and the principles for a module for registering data on noise. A modified version of the signal module was also designed and produced as well as a module for registering data on noise with software for the control system. Those modules were integrated into one model of an adaptive road signal device. Technical documentation of an integrated adaptive acoustic road signal was also developed as part of this task.

Unit: Department of Vibroacustic Hazards

Duration: 01.01.2008 – 30.12.2010