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The activity of the Centre consists in:

  • monitoring the market and cooperation  in social investigations concerning OSH issues
  • popularising and forming knowledge within the society about occupational hazards and rules of safety at work
  • developing cooperation of the Institute with industry, eg. organising the activity of Safe Work Leaders Forum and Network of OSH Experts certified by CIOP-PIB
  • organising and coordinating information campaigns on safety culture
  • organising domestic and international conferences, seminars and workshops on OSH
  • organising competitions and art exhibitions, e.g., National Competition of Working Conditions Improvement, OSH Poster Competition, art competitions for children
  • developing information and promotion materials presenting the activity of the Institute as well as OSH issues
  • organising Institute’s participation and representing it in international fairs and innovation exhibitions related to OSH
  • cooperating with international organisations
  • cooperating with other departments of the Institute and patent office in terms of IPR - patent protection
  • participating in Institute’s products and technologies commercialization processes


Key projects in progress:

  • Thematic social information campaigns promoting safety and health in working and living environment (2014-2016); A. Szczygielska
    Objectives: 1. To carry out information campaigns promoting safety and health in working and living environment. 2. To organise educational, information and promotion actions for increasing awareness in workers and employers regarding OSH. 3. To popularise OSH knowledge during educational, information and promotion actions. 4. To facilitate contacts between enterprises participating in the social campaigns
  • Disseminating knowledge on OSH during national and international industry events, incl. fairs, conferences and seminars(2014-2016); A. Kleczkowska
    Objective: to shape safe attitudes in employers and workers by popularising information on OSH; improving OSH and ergonomics knowledge and competence levels in participants of the actions and events.
    Planned results: 1. Disseminating organisational and technical solutions improving working conditions and facilitating access to current scientific achievements. 2. Conferences, seminars improving OSH knowledge in participants. 3. Preparing and distributing information and promotion materials (leaflets, conference proceedings).
  • Using visual communications to shape safe and healthy attitudes, particularly in school environment (2014-2016); M. Derlicka
    Objective: to popularise safety and health issues in school and work environment by graphic and photographic expression, supporting the shaping of pro-safe and health attitudes.
    Planned result: improving social awareness of hazards in working and living environments by participating in competitions and exhibitions.
  • Developing tools supporting the use of behavioural methods of improving OSH in enterprises (incl. SMEs), on the example of selected enterprises with a high accident rate (2014-2016); A. Szczygielska
    Objective: to prepare innovative methods of supporting activity of enterprises (incl. SMEs)
    Planned result: tools supporting the use of behavioural methods of improving OSH in enterprises.
  • Developing a safety culture and supporting enterprises in improving working conditions, by building a model of systemic cooperation between science and business (S2B) (2014-2016), A. Brzozowski
    Objective: to facilitate cooperation for improvement of working conditions between enterprises and science institutions.
    Planned result: improving the efficacy of use of modern research projects for developing safety culture and CSR.

Key projects completed:

  • Analysis of needs and preparation of information materials on safe work and ergonomics for SMEs (2002-2003); M. Derlicka
  • Using modern information techniques in disseminating knowledge and promoting safe behaviours in working environment (2002-2004); A. Brzozowski
  • Creating Network of OSH Experts (particularly for SMEs), certified by the entity authorised to certify personnel competence (2002-2004); A. Krawczyk, A. Brzozowski
  • Developing a programme and materials supporting the preschool and primary school children education in safety behaviours (2002-2004); M. Derlicka
  • Disseminating the issues of OSH and health protection by means of mass information channels (2005-2007); M. Derlicka
  • Popularising the issues of safe workplace behaviours among SMEs (2005-2007); A. Szczygielska
  • Developing the Network of OSH Experts certified by CIOP-PIB, acting for SMEs, and supporting activities towards improving working conditions (2005-2007); A. Krawczyk, A. Brzozowski
  • Using artistic means of expression for shaping safe attitudes in school and work environments (2008-2010); M. Derlicka
  • Social campaigns focused on the needs of industries with a high accident risk in Poland (2008-2010); A. Szczygielska
  • Disseminating the issues of OSH and health protection among workers and employers, at fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars (2008-2010); A. Mróz
  • Improving the methods of promoting safe behaviours in selected worker groups(2008-2010); A. Szczygielska
  • Developing OSH actions for SMEs with the use of the Network of OSH Experts certified by CIOP-PIB (2008-2010); J.Basińska, A. Brzozowski
  • Shaping safe attitudes in workers and employers by social information campaigns focused on the needs of selected groups (2011-2013); A. Szczygielska
  • Disseminating knowledge on OSH and ergonomics among workers and employers, by means of selected promotion events (2011-2013); A. Kleczkowska
  • Developing OSH actions for SMEs with the use of the Network of OSH Experts certified by CIOP-PIB (2011-2013), A. Brzozowski
  • Using artistic means of expression for shaping safe attitudes in school and work environments (2011-2013); M. Derlicka
  • Developing tools and methods supporting the implementation the principles of CSR in enterprises (2012-2013), A. Brzozowski


Alfred  Brzozowski, M.Sc., MSCT

e-mail: albrz@ciop.pl

Alfred Brzozowski,
Pracownicy Instytutu
  • Section for Solution Implementation
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      Justyna Adamska, - juada[at]ciop.pl
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  • Section of Promotion
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  • Section of Social Communication
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      Wioletta Klimaszewska, 36-77 wikli[at]ciop.pl
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Shaping safety oriented attitudes of workers and employers through informational social campaigns oriented towards the needs of selected environments.
Project manager - Agnieszka Szczygielska M.Sc.
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Activities development in the area of job security for SMEs using the Network of Experts Committee for EHS certified by the CIOP-PIB
Project manager - Magdalena Łyp M.Sc.
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Development of tools supporting the implementation in corporations the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the safety and hygiene area at work.
Project manager - Alfred Brzozowski M.Sc. (Eng.)
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