Transport (2002)


X edition TRANSPORT (finished in May 2002) - list of the winners:

  • Max Skorwider, I prize - ASP Poznań
  • Grzegorz Matusik, II prize - ASP Kraków
  • Wiktor Pawlik, III prize - ASP Wrocław
  • Agnieszka Kaczor-Kajdana, Honorary mention - ASP Warszawa
  • Michał Krakowiak, Honorary mention - ASP Kraków
  • Agnieszka Molak i Adam Wesołowski, Honorary mention - ASP Łódź
  • Wiktor Pawlik, Honorary mention - ASP Wrocław
  • Anna Witkowska, Honorary mention - ASP

I prize
Max Skorwider

II prize
Grzegorz Matusik

III prize
Wiktor Pawlik

III prize
Wiktor Pawlik

III prize
Wiktor Pawlik

Wiktor Pawik

Agnieszka Kaczor-Kajdana

Michał Krakowiak

Agnieszka Molak, Adam Wesołowski

Anna Witkowski

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