Labour Culture (2008)



  • Eugeniusz Skorwider, I prize
  • Mirosław Szczudlik, II prize
  • Maciej Mytnik, III prize
  • Sebastian Mrozek, honorary mention
  • Maciej Mytnik, honorary mention
  • Paulina Piorun, honorary mention
  • Barbora Rozložniková, honorary mention
  • Eugeniusz Skorwider, honorary mention

It gives me great pleasure to present to you a collection of fifty poster designs related to a subject area which is both very important and very broad - labour culture. A contemporary approach to business management often points to the fact that shaping safety culture constitutes an integral part of enterprise management and is an important element of building up its public image. A high level of safety culture has its measurable effects: a decrease in the accident rate and reduction in losses consequent upon incidents. With regard to its composition, safety culture is made up of the recognised safety values, attitudes and patterns of safety behaviour shared by all employees. Shaping up of the safety culture, however, requires not only constant attention to employees’ behaviour (offering encouragement to eliminate excessive risks at the workplace and promoting behaviour orientated towards protection of health and life) but it also calls for optimization of physical working environment (e.g. technology, equipment, procedures). Labour culture involves employees’ attitudes, their personality features, interpersonal skills and interpersonal communication, respect for norms of social and professional life, ability to handle difficult situations, to solve conflicts, integrity, language culture, etc. All those different aspects of labour culture are portrayed in various ways in poster designs made by artists, graduates and students of fine arts both from Poland and abroad.

Ninety three poster designs entered the competition, out of this number fifty were presented at the post competition exhibition and are included in this catalogue. We would like to thank to all the authors for their participation in the competition and extend our congratulations to all winners.


I prize
Eugeniusz Skorwider

II prize
Mirosław Szczudlik

III prize
Maciej Mytnik



Maciej Mytnik

Barbara Rozlożnikova

Maciej Mytnik

Paulina Piorun

Sebastian Mrozek

Eugeniusz Skorwider
special mention

Authors of posters, which will be presented on the post-competition exhibition and in the catalogue (including awarded and mentioned posters ).