Ageing@Work Project


CIOP-PIB participates in an international project Ageing@Work  - Smart, Personalized and Adaptive ICT Solutions for Active, Healthy and Productive Ageing with enhanced Workability. The project is funded under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation action (H2020-2018-2020).



General information


The overall concept underpinning Ageing@Work starts from the urgent need to help ageing workers of the modern industries to maintain productivity and workability, while achieving a balance between work and personal life, in the context of active and healthy ageing. Having identified the changes in human abilities that appear with age and typically affect workability, Ageing@Work will follow an interdisciplinary approach in developing novel advanced ICT solutions for adaptive smart working and living environments in order to effectively meet those needs. 

Ageing@Work will research and develop a platform of ICT tools, which on one hand, will help tailoring the workplace to the evolving needs and specificities of the ageing workers, both in terms of ergonomics and in terms of work processes and task assignments and on the other, will support the ageing worker’s active and healthy ageing at work and at home. To support workability, the platform will include physical and mental health support ICT tools, as well as telepresence and productivity enhancement tools, based on advanced AI, AR, VR and virtual assistant technologies, and with particular emphasis on flexible management of work, along with quality of life support. 


The system developed will be demonstrated in the context of use case scenarios in real life environments and with the participation of actual users from the targeted user group.

The project has received funding for 3 years, from 2019 to 2021.


CIOP-PIB’s contribution


CIOP-PIB is involved in several project tasks. Researchers form the Institute are responsible for the implementation of tasks devoted to the development and implementation of a methodology for measuring employee satisfaction in the context of health and safety and the assessment of the effectiveness of the Ageing@Work system, designed to improve the work ability of ageing workers.


Project consortium.


The project consortium consists of 13 partners from 9 different countries. The project is coordinated by CERTH/ITI - Centre for Research and Technologies Hellas in Thessaloniki, Information Technologies Institute, Greece.


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Contact information

Magdalena Kacperska-Vukić

International Cooperation Division

Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute