PSYRES Project


     International Cooperation Division



PEROSH is a partnership of 13 European Occupational Safety and Health institutes in 12 Member States. It was created in 2003 to strengthen European research in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

Main Aims

  • Contribute to healthy, safe, innovative and sustainable workplaces
  • Strengthen and coordinate European research and development efforts in occupational safety and health
  • Improve the quality of research and increase EU-wide dissemination of results


Key OSH challenges

PEROSH outlook of the main OSH research challenges and needs towards 2020:


  • Sustainable employability to prolong working life
  • Disability prevention and reintegration
  • Psychosocial well-being in a sustainable working organisation
  • Multifactorial genesis of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • New technologies as a field of action for OSH
  • Occupational risks related to engineered nanomaterials (ENM)
  • Safety culture to prevent occupational accidents


Joint research projects

Currently, the researchers from CIOP-PIB are involved in the following PEROSH joint research projects:

  1. Dose-Response Relationships (DRR) for selected chemical substances
    (dr Lidia Zapór, dr Katarzyna Miranowicz-Dzierżawska – Department of Chemical, Biological and Aerosol Hazards)
  2. indIR-UV – Exposure of workers to indirect UV- and IR-radiation emitted by arcs, flames and thermal radiators
    (dr Agnieszka Wolska – Department of Safety Engineering)
  1. Nano Exposure & Contextual Information Database (NECID)
    (dr Przemysław Oberbek – Department of Chemical, Biological and Aerosol Hazards)
  2. PEROSH recommendations for procedures to measure occupational physical activity and workload
    (dr Tomasz Tokarski, mgr Marzena Malińska – Department of Ergonomics)
  3. Well being and work
    (mgr Zofia Mockałło - Department of Ergonomics)


Member institutes

The member institutes are key national players in occupational safety and health and are associated to ministries, social partners or health and accident insurance schemes.


Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks (AUVA),
Austria, www.auva.at


Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB), Poland, www.ciop.pl


Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA),
Germany, www.baua.de


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH),
Finland, www.ttl.fi


Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL),
United Kingdom, www.hsl.gov.uk


Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA),
Germany, www.dguv.de


Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL),
Italy, www.inail.it


National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI),
Norway, www.stami.no


National Institute for Safety and Hygiene at work (INSHT),
Spain, www.insht.es


National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE),
Denmark, www.nrcwe.dk


National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (INRS),
France, www.inrs.fr


Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO),
Netherlands, www.tno.nl


Institute for Work and Health (IST),
Switzerland, www.i-s-t.ch



For more information please go to PEROSH website: www.perosh.eu