Educational and Publishing Activities

Educational and Publishing Activities

The CIOP-PIB's Centre for Education is an educational institution. It operates under
the patronage of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, the Minister of National Educationand the National Labour Inspector.

The Centre organises and conducts:

  • post-graduate courses, including distance ones through the Internet
  • periodic basic training for occupational safety and health delegates, employers
  • specialist courses for occupational safety and health delegates, staff of laboratories and sanitary-epidemiological stations and teams implementing occupational safety
  • courses in "Science of work - safety, health, ergonomics" in cooperation with universities (also through the Internet).

The Institute's publishes books (monographs, manuals, guides), journals: Bezpieczenstwo Pracy [Occupational Safety], International Journal Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, Podstawy i Metody Oceny Srodowiska Pracy [Principles and Mehods of Assessing the Working Environment], proceedings from seminars, conferences and symposia organised by the Institute, training materials for the Institute's courses. The Institute also offers electronic publications, databases and computer software that supports occupational safety and health management.

Centre for Education,
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