The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute has been organising the occupational safety poster competition since 1997. The purpose of the competition is to obtain posters promoting the issues of occupational safety and health protection of man in the working environment.

The competition is organised in cooperation with Academies of Fine Arts (Cracow, Warsaw, Lodz) and under the patronage of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy and Chief Labour Inspector...

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Competition 2021

Occupational Safety Poster Competition - the 30th edition (2021): Industry 4.0

Automation of manufacturing, people being replaced by bots, smart homes, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of things... the reality of the 21st century, and therein a man - the same as 100 years ago.

On the one hand, the enormous scale and dynamics of the most recent Industry 4.0 revolution affect the labour market and the employment environment in a way that may cause concern for workers. According to forecasts, up to 800 million people are expected to undergo retraining or lose their jobs. Reduced demand for employment may have a negative impact on e.g. administrative workers and those performing repetitive manual work. Their tasks may be taken over by machines programmed to follow preset algorithms. In this pessimistic scenario, changes may affect up to 1/5 of the work force. On the other hand, the underlying intention to improve the work process and management of companies as well as to facilitate making the right decisions in all economic sectors should not be disregarded. Moreover, new jobs are created and new professions emerge as a result of the Industry 4.0 revolution. In particular, the demand for skills that machines fail to provide will increase...

The prize awards ceremony in the 30th edition of the OSH Poster Competition 2021 and the official opening of the post-competition exhibition took place on May 23, 2021 in the main hall of the Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute in Warsaw. Interested visitors can see the exhibition at the CIOP-PIB headquarters until the end of the year.

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