National Programme 2020-2022


„Improvement of safety and working conditions” – phase V (2020-2022)


Phase V is the next stage of the National Programme for the Improvement of Safety and Working Conditions”. The Council of Ministers previously adopted Resolution No 117/2007 on 3 July 2007 for Phase I (2008-2010), Resolution No 154/2010 on 21 September 2010 for Phase II (2011-2013), Resolution No 126/2013 on 16 July 2013 for Phase III (2014-2016) and Resolution No 203/2015 on 26 October 2015 for Phase IV (2017-2019).

Since 2008, the programme has fulfilled the role of a national strategy for creating proper working conditions that protect the life and health of workers. 

Actors and stakeholders


Phase V of the programme is conducted by 8 scientific institutions – research institutes and the Polish Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with companies, government bodies and labour inspection and supervision bodies.


    • Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute /CIOP-PIB/
    • Central Mining Institute /GIG/
    • Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences /IBD PAN/
    • Institute of Aviation /Ł-IL/
    • Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine /IMP/
    • Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology /IPiN/
    • Institute of Electron Technology /Ł-ITE/
    • Textile Research Institute /Ł-IW/