Posters on safety and health protection of a man in the working environment.

The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute has been organising the occupational safety poster competition since 1997. The purpose of the competition is to  obtain posters promoting the issues of occupational  safety and health protection of man in the working environment.
The competition is organised in cooperation with Academies of Fine Arts  (Cracow, Warsaw, Lodz) and under the patronage of the Minister of Labour and  Social Policy and Chief Labour Inspector. The participants are artists, professors and students of artistic universities in Poland and abroad. The jury  of the competition consists of representatives of artistic professions,  science, ministries of health and labour, and trade unions, as well as  enterprises whose business is related to the topic of the posters.


The 29 editions of the competition, held in 1997-2020 were entitled  Stress, Computer, Occupational Risk, Noise, Chemistry, Ergonomics, Agriculture, Building industry, School, Transport,  Electricity, Disabled persons, Biohazards, Stop that noise, Young workers -  safe start, Lighten the load, Labour culture, Risk, lighting, Maintenance,  Active 50+, Stress in 21st century, Computer world, Work and leisure and Safety First. Safe From The Start, The office, Depression and Biohazards today .


They gathered about 4 000  designs, and over 1000 were featured in exhibitions and catalogues.

Three prizes and five honorary mentions are awarded in the competition, and 50 posters are selected for exhibitions in  Warsaw and Cracow. 


Occupational Safety Poster Competition