Welcome to the section of the website SAFER dedicated to VIBRATION hazards.

The content-related materials presented on the following pages of the section discuss the most important issues related to the vibration in the working environment, in particular: hazards related to vibration and the effects of human exposure to vibration, legal requirements relating to vibration, sources of vibration, principles of exposure assessment vibration together with the presentation of basic quantities characterizing vibration in the working environment and methods of occupational risk assessment as well as the most important principles of technical and organizational prevention.


Due to the complexity of the presented topics, as well as possible serious health or material consequences of incorrectly identified vibration hazards and improper selection and use of preventive measures to the needs arising from such hazards in a specific workplace, reading the materials presented on the site can not be considered as an alternative to specialist assessment of exposure characteristics (required by labor law) or for specialist training on hazards related to vibration and the principles of safe work in vibration hazards.



Authors:  Piotr Kowalski, Małgorzata Rejman, Jacek Zając, Leszek Morzyński, Paweł Górski,


Last update: November 2019