National Programme 2014-2016


National programme „Improvement of safety and working conditions” – phase III (2014-2016)


Phase III is the continuation of the national programme „Improvement of safety and working conditions”, with phase I (execution 2008-2010) established by resolution 117/2007 of the Council of Ministers of 3rd July 2007, and phase II established by resolution 154/2010 of the Council of Ministers of 21st September 2010 (execution 2011-2013). The results of phases I and II were positively evaluated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The use and dissemination of the Programme’s results includes up to 5 years after its end. It is expected to significantly add to the reduction of occupational risk related to exposure to harmful, dangerous and onerous factors at workplaces. It will also influence the opportunities to extend the professional activity age with good health. The improved safety and health at work, being the result of the Programme, is also expected to bring about reduced charges on the state and society due to occupational hazards.




Tasks of civil service institution

  1. Establishing standards in OSH
  2. Developing methods and tools for preventing and reducing occupational risks in the working environment.
  3. Developing a system of testing machinery and appliances, tools and personal and collective protection equipment
  4. Developing a system of OSH education, information and promotion.


Research and development tasks

The Research and development programme includes the following actions:

  1. Developing and preserving working abilities.
  2. New and emerging risks related to new technologies and work processes.
  3. Material engineering and science, and new technologies for OSH purposes
  4. Shaping a safety culture.