Noise Control 2013 - Papers




Papers should be written in English and conform to the “Directions for Authors” (see below). Recommended length: 6, 8 or 10 pages.

Submitted papers will be published in Conference proceedings without any changes.
Papers should reach the Organizing Committee by March 15, 2013.

Please send a file by e-mail:




Title of paper (bold small caps)
given name and family name of Author (Authors)
affiliation, address, and e-mail.


(a short abstract in English should precede the paper)

The text should be prepared by e-mail titles of sections – center bold small caps
– body of the text – font: Times New Roman 12
– paragraph indentation – 1 cm
– spacing between sections – 1 line
– justification.

Page format
– paper size – A4,
– left, right, bottom and top margins – 2.5 cm (1”) on all pages,
– line spacing – 1.5,
– page numbers in the lower right-hand corner,
– figures, graphs, and tables should be appear in the body of the text (titles: under figures, graphs and above tables),
– equations with their numbers should have left justification.

1. Kowalski J., title of journal, year, volume, page numbers,
2. J. Smith, title of book. Place and year of publication, publisher.