Supervision and inspection institutions


Supervision and inspection institutions


National Labour Inspectorate (PIP)                                                                     

- is a supervision and inspection authority with regard to the observance of regulations and principles of OSH. It also monitors products placed on the market in terms of compliance with the occupational safety and health requirements and issues opinions on drafts on legal acts in the scope of labour law.


National Sanitary Inspectorate (PIS)                                                                   

- monitors occupational health in the workplace and health in schools and other school and education centres. It monitors the sanitary condition of health care centres and the observance of nosocomial infection prevention principles.


Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)                                                                    

- monitors and controls the observance of regulations and principles in the scope of technology safety related to technical appliances, and performs technical supervision over appliances which may pose a threat to life or health.


State Mining Authority (WUG)                                                                             

- monitors and controls mining plants among others in the scope of: occupational safety and health, fire safety, mine rescue services and environment protection.