National Programme 2017-2019


„Improvement of safety and working conditions” – phase IV (2017-2019)


Phase IV is the next stage of the National Programme for the Improvement of Safety and Working Conditions”. The Council of Ministers previously adopted Resolution No 117/2007 on 3 July 2007 for Phase I (2008-2010), Resolution No 154/2010 on 21 September 2010 for Phase II (2011-2013) and Resolution No 126/2013 on 16 July 2013 for Phase III (2014-2016).

Since 2008, the programme has fulfilled the role of a national strategy for creating proper working conditions that protect the life and health of workers.  




Main objective

The main objective of the programme is to develop innovative technical and organisational solutions, aimed at developing human resources, new products, technologies, management techniques and systems, which will help to reduce the number of workers exposed to harmful, dangerous and difficult factors, and reduce the number of work-related accidents, occupational diseases and consequent economic and social losses.


Specific objectives

  • Create opportunities to meet the requirements of new strategic documents relating to occupational safety and health as well as EU directives.
  • Develop and improve solutions to better and maintain work ability in the interest of preventing exclusion from the labour market, particularly for elderly and disabled people.
  • Develop methods and tools to prevent and reduce occupational risks in the workplace that include new and emerging risks.
  • Broaden understanding about the causes and results of work-related accidents and occupational diseases, and the benefits of preventive action at both a societal and business level.
  • Develop and promote a safety culture by improving OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) management and by developing a modern system to educate and inform society throughout the entire life-cycle.