Noise and mechanical vibrations
Noise and mechanical vibrations (common for various works and activities)
General information. 

Problem : Exposure to noise and vibrations of machines and tools:
- construction plant and equipment
- manual power tools

Questions / observations
Activities improving the state of OSH

Has the maximum value (MPD) of noise
at the work post been exceeded?  

Take periodic measurements of the noise and vibrations.

Has the value of the vibration acceleration exceeded the maximum value (MPD) during the operation of the hand tools?  

Notify the workers of the results of the measurements.

Are preliminary and periodic medical examinations being held?  

Send workers to preliminary and periodic medical examinations and make sure that they are conducted.  

Is collective and personal protective equipment used (ear protectors or anti-vibration gloves) and/or other preventive activities?   Eliminate noisy and vibroactive technological processes and machines.  

Encase noisy machines.

Use soundproof cabins for the operators.

Use appropriately selected personal hearing protection devices (ear plugs or sound-proof ear muffs) and anti-vibration gloves.

Reduce the work time of the operators.

Have zones that are threatens with noise been marked?   Mark the zones under threat from noise.



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