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Standardization activity in the area of research methods and assessment criteria used in the field of the protection of human health and life in the working environment

Project manager: Mirosława Świderska M.Sc.

Project summary:

"In 2002-2004 the following assignments were carried out as part of the standardization activity in the field of occupational safety and ergonomics: collecting Polish standards and standardization documents related to occupational safety and ergonomics; expressing opinions on 48 drafts of Polish standards that are adaptations of European standards; continuing standardization work in the technical committees that are presided over by the Institute's staff. Experts from the Institute took active part in the work of CEN and ISO, and the INFONORM database, in which 5903 items have full data, was updated (2876 entries)."

Unit: Position for Standardisation

Duration: 01.01.2002 – 31.12.2004