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Measurement of the electrostatic charge of the dispersed phase of an aerosol in work spaces in view of an assessment of the risk of increased deposition in workers' respiratory tract

Project manager: Zygmunt Grabarczyk Ph.D. (Eng.)

Project summary:

The aim of the task was to measure the degree of electrostatic charging of dispersed phase particles of an aerosol in the working environment to assess risk of their increased deposition in workers' respiratory tract.Two methods were developed: a differential method with the use of a laser spectometer and a trap for charged particles and an direct method that consisted in measuring the combined charge of charged particles of a selected polarization and size range.A test stand was built according to the differential method and a measuring device that was based on the direct method.The measurements were conducted in selected 9 kinds of working environment, with different physical mechanisms of production of dust and its charging. The measurements were conducted in a photocopying shop, a welding shop, a grinding shop, a forge, a cereals enterprise, an enterprise manufacturing containers for the food industry, a smoking area and an office.The measurements showed that there might be an increased deposition of dust as a result of its charging.

Unit: Department of Bioelectromagnetism

Duration: 01.01.2005 – 31.12.2007