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The development and maintenance of the competence of a notified body in the scope of the directives: 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment, 98/37/EC on machinery and safety components, and 2000/14/EC relating to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.

Project manager: Barbara Miareczko M.Sc. (Eng.)

Project summary:

The task consisted in updating the documentation of the quality system in the scope resulting from new (January 1, 2006) regulations of the minister of economy, which transpose into Polish law directives 89/686/EEC, 98/37/EC and 2000/14/EC, and from changes in organization regulations of CIOP-PIB introduced with the order of the director of the Institute No. 22/2007 of September 11, 2007. Relevant changes were made in the quality book, the quality system procedures and in the forms used by the Centre. Changes were also made in the published information on conformity assessment in the area of notification. The quality system of the Centre for Certification of Products and Management Systems of CIOP-PIB as a body conducting conformity assessment of products was checked during periodic reviews and internal audits. The reviews and audits proved the conformity of the system with the requirements of the reference documents as far as meeting the requirements of accreditation and notification is concerned. The Centre's quality system also underwent external audits by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. They confirmed that CIOP-PIB maintains a quality system that conforms to the requirements of the PN-EN 45011:2000 standard and that as a notification body it can conduct conformity assessment in the scope of its notification.

Unit: Centre for Certification of Products

Duration: 01.01.2005 – 31.12.2007