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Verifying and broadening of educational materials in "Occupational safety" for primary, lower secondary and post-lower secondary schools and publishing those changes on CDs and as Internet materials

Project manager: Krystyna Świder M.Sc.

Project summary:

The task aimed to update and supplement with new content materials that support teachers in teaching the curricula in safety culture and occupational safety and health in all types of schools. It also aimed to enhance their multimedia versions. Within the task - the content of educational materials in "Occupational safety"was updated due to changes in acts and regulations, it was also supplemented and modified due to new knowledge and changes in curricula - educational materials in "Occupational safety" were enhanced with new multimedia aids at all levels of school education - current materials and new multimedia aids were published on CDs and in the Internet.

Unit: Centre for Education

Duration: 30.12.2009 – 29.12.2010