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Activity of Technical Committees on standardization of testing methods and assessment criteria in occupational safety and health and ergonomics

Project manager: Mirosława Świderska M.Sc.

Project summary:

The aim of the task was to support the Instituteʼs standardization activity in testing methods and assessment criteria used the field of humanʼs health and life in the working environment. Standardization work was carried out in Technical Committees No. 21, 157 and 158, whose secretariats are based in the Institute, as well as in Technical Committees No. 159 and 276, whose secretariats are run by the Polish Committee for Standardization. Those technical committees developed 275 draft standards, of which 206 were accepted by the President of the Polish Committee for Standardization as Polish Standards. Experts from the Institute took part in the work of the working groups of 13 technical committees of CEN and 4 technical committees of ISO. European draft standards (prEN 189) and international draft standards (25 ISO draft standards) were commented on. Two meetings of working groups of CEN and ISO technical committees were taken part in. The collection of Polish Standards at the Institute was updated. 647 copies of Polish Standards and 6 copies of guides on conformity assessment and safety of machinery were purchased.

Unit: Position for Standardisation

Duration: 01.01.2008 – 31.12.2010