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Maintenance and development of voluntary competition certification system of individuals and recognition of educational competencies units influencing working conditions in Poland and supporting occupational safety and health at work through the maintenance and development of the Network of Regional EHS Centers.

Project manager: Witold Gacek M.Sc. Med.

Project summary:

Technical and organizational competencies plus a system providing Unit Certification Centre and Management System quality as the certifying person that functions in the CIOP-PIB structure were rated by conducting 3 internal and 3 surveillance audits in control of Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA). Following the evaluation of the quality assurance system center received accreditation No.AC 071 in the current scope, and the certificate of accreditation is valid until 17 May 2015. Therefore, responsibility for the quality system of activities carried out by the Unit Certification Centre and Management System is conducted within the framework of the national system of conformity assessment in accordance with the Act of August 30 2002. In addition, competence of Unit Certification Centre and Management System personnel were provided and maintained through the implementation of 4 internal trainings and 14 external, as well as, participation in 4 conferences and 13 seminars organized by the Institute. As part of the certification Center activities competencies of 149 people were rated, 149 competence certificates were granted and a total of 847 certificates were supervised. In addition, 28 educational in the field of occupational health and safety were supervised, as well as, accreditation of 16 Regional OSH Centers were maintained.
In order to promote unit competence certification informational materials concerning educational units and Regional OSH Centers were prepared and presented during 4 international conferences, 13 seminars and workshops for OSH workers , organized by the lnstitute, as well as, meetings with representatives and lecturers.

Unit: Centre for Certification of Personnel and Management Systems

Duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013