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An analysis of the needs, and technical and organization solutions in a first aid system in the work and study environment

Project manager: Witold Gacek D. Med. Sc.

Project summary:

The way first aid systems are organized and maintained in enterprises in Poland was assessed. This was done through the conferences, seminars and training courses that were organized by CIOP-PIB as well as 18 technical visits in enterprises. The information that was gathered showed that most enterprises did not implement any systemic solution in first aid systems. A questionnaire survey was conducted; it tackled the needs of enterprises in various sectors and the magnitude of the scope of implementing first aid. Guidelines were developed as were the principles of the organization of a first aid system in an enterprise, and a curriculum of training courses in organizing and administering first aid. A series of 6 training courses on the system of first aid in enterprises was developed and run. A guidebook for employers, OSH services staff and other people who organize and maintain a first aid system in a workplace was published; it includes guidelines and principles of organizing such a system. Among others, a series of 7 seminars on "Technical and organizational solutions of a first aid system in a workplace" was organized and conducted.

Unit: Centre for Certification of Personnel and Management Systems

Duration: 01.01.2008 – 30.05.2010