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Dissemination of knowledge on health, safety and ergonomics among employees and employers using selected promotional events.

Project manager: Aneta Kleczkowska M.Sc.

Project summary:

Activities disseminating safety and health issues included:
- Participation in national and international fairs and exhibitions devoted to security problems
- Organization of conferences and seminars
- Development of materials.
Institute disseminated developed solutions in four editions of the national industry trade fair, 5 trade fair projects taking place abroad. Solutions and products developed in the CIOP-PIB, presented at trade fairs and exhibitions in years 2011-2013, won 1 Grand Prix, two gold medals and two silver medals. In addition Institute took part in organizing five other projects concerning security (symposia, Ergonomic Forum, conference "Active Days of OSH").
For the purpose of those activities informational and promotional materials were printed and prepared in an electronic form: 12 types of leaflets, 6 types of brochures, 3 types of dedicated conference and seminar materials, dozens types of information materials in a form of posters, programs, and polls.

Unit: Centre for Promotion

Duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013