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Improving methods of promoting safe behaviour in selected worker environments

Project manager: Agnieszka Szczygielska M.Sc.

Project summary:

An analysis was conducted of the methods of promoting safe behaviour in enterprises that are members of the Safe Work Leaders' Forum, in worker environments especially exposed to noise, strenuous work, mechanical factors, fibre dust and chemical substances. The most popular methods of promoting safe behaviour were defined and promoted among the representatives of enterprises as examples of good practices in this respect. Within the task the following events were organized or coorganized: 5 conferences, 3 workshops on improving methods of promoting occupational safety, 4 meetings of enterprises on the specificity of promoting occupational safety in selected sectors of the industry - construction, chemical sector, industrial processing and enterprises offering services, 1 seminar "Dissemination of good practices that eliminate irregularities and hazards in construction sites" and 1 training course "Promoting occupational safety in the context of shaping occupational safety culture". While carrying out the above-mentioned events, sets of information and promotion materials for the participants were developed and published.

Unit: Centre for Promotion

Duration: 01.01.2008 – 30.12.2010