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Development of a motivational program for disabled women in order to increase their employment activity.

Project manager: Karolina Pawłowska-Cyprysiak M.Sc.

Project summary:

Pilot studies were carried out, which verified developed research methodology, questionnaire tests and in-depth interviews. In the questionnaire participated 250 women at working age with disability of locomotor, different financial status and level of education. Average age of surveyed women was 34 years (SD = 11, B); 50% of participants were economically active women. Results of questionnaires showed that the most important for taking up or retaining economic activation were: more jobs offers, adapting the workplace to the needs of a disabled person, raising the level of education, good working conditions and relationships at work. Value hierarchy examination showed no difference between the group of working women and disabled ones. The most important values indicated by the two groups were friendship, love and good health. Questionnaire results showed, however, that women with disability of locomotor and in the age of 18-54 years, cope well with stress. However, the oldest group of women (55 years and more) compared to other groups definitely had lower results in that matter, regardless of being employed or not.

Unit: Department of Ergonomics

Duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013