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Profile of activities of the Laboratory

Scientific and research  activities relate  to:

  • Development of methods and stands for testing protective gloves and footwear according to the European standards.
  • Determination of the requirements related to the protective and usage parameters of gloves and footwear conforming to the European Directive and designated for use in conditions of harmful and hazardous agents.
  • Improvement of the comfort of use of protective gloves and footwear.
  • Development of new models of  protective gloves and footwear that improve safety and ergonomics of their use.
  • Testing of the effects that occur while using gloves and footwear.

Consulting and advisory activities include:

  • The selection of protective gloves and footwear appropriate to the hazards appearing at work stations
  • The choice of the scope of tests for products EC-type examination
  • Methods of products marking

The laboratory also performs tests required to EC-type examintion of protective gloves and footwear

Laboratory Manager

Emilia Irzmańska  PH. D. (Eng.)
phone: (+48 42) 648 02 46,
e-mail: emirz@ciop.lodz.pl

  • Laboratory of Protective Gloves and Footwear
      Manager phone e-mail
      Emilia Irzmańska, (42) 648 02 46 emirz[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      phone e-mail
      Agnieszka Adamus - Włodarczyk, - agada[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Elżbieta Grzegorczyk, - elgrz[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Paulina Kropidłowska, - pawoj[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Tadeusz Muszyński, - tamus[at]ciop.lodz.pl
The use of active ecological mineral compounds in the production of cold-protective gloves and footwear
Project manager - Emilia Irzmańska Ph.D. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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Method development of bactericidal and fungicidal applications of functional carrier on material structures used in personal protection.
Project manager - Rafal Hrynyk M.Sc. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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Developing the survey method of exploitation time of protective gloves against mineral oils and selected mechanical factors.
Project manager - Emilia Irzmańska Ph.D. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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