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Profile of activities of the Laboratory

The fundamental activities of the Laboratory are to conduct scientific and research work related to:

  • development of methods of testing and criteria for assessing respiratory  protective equipment,
  • analysis of the phenomena occurring during the use of respiratory  protective equipment, creation of a database of experience used for the development of new protective equipment and principles of the correct choice and safe use and storage of such equipment.

The respiratory  protective equipment that is developed for hazards and working conditions, as well as their safe use, storage and maintenance based on the research work is popularised by means of:

  • training materials for education purposes in the OSH area ,
  • written and verbal consultation for users, OSH inspectors, employees and manufacturers of respiratory system protective equipment,
  • all-round consultations to work places in recognising and eliminating or limiting the hazards that appear there by the correct choice of respiratory  protective equipment,
  • publications related to occupational safety and health.

Furthermore, the laboratory undertakes standardisation work to introduce the European standards into the set of Polish standards on respiratory system protective equipment.

Head of the Laboratory
Agnieszka Brochocka Ph.D. (Eng.)
phone: (+48 42) 678 19 63 or 678 10 75  ext. 42,
fax: (+48 42) 678 19 15,
e-mail: agbro@ciop.lodz.pl

  • Laboratory for Respiratory Protective Equipment
      Manager phone e-mail
      Agnieszka Brochocka, (42) 648 02 25 agbro[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      phone e-mail
      Katarzyna Bociek, - kaboc[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Paweł Ćwietkowski, - pacwi[at]ciop.pl
      Renata Głodek, - reglo[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Krzysztof Makowski, - krmak[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Małgorzata Okrasa, Ph.D. - maokr[at]ciop.lodz.pl
      Wiktor Orlikowski, - wiorl[at]ciop.lodz.pl
Models of biodegradable filtration system for use in respiratory protection equipment.
Project manager - Katarzyna Majchrzycka Ph.D. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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Guidelines to determine the real rate of protection for various types of respiratory system protective equipment
Project manager - Krzysztof Makowski M.Sc.
Contractor -
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Development of a model system for an immediate activation of an escape equipment which protects respiratory from carbon monoxide and its burns that can be used in underground mines.
Project manager - Krzysztof Makowski M.Sc.
Contractor -
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