Opis Jednostki Instytutu

The Laboratory studies and develops solutions in:

  • using virtual reality in designing and evaluating workstations and machinery taking into account occupational safety and health and ergonomics
  • using virtual reality in teleoperations
  • computer simulations for reconstructing and analysing accidents at work
  • running training courses and shaping attitudes with interactive computer simulations and multimedia presentations
  • computer modelling and simulating evacuations
  • the influence of the virtual environment on humans

Head of  the Laboratory
Andrzej Grabowski Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.) 
phone: (+48 22) 623 46 38, fax: (+48 22) 623 36 93
e-mail: angra@ciop.pl

  • Virtual Reality Laboratory
      Manager phone e-mail
      Andrzej Grabowski, prof. CIOP-PIB, 22 623-46-38 angra[at]ciop.pl
      phone e-mail
      Jarosław Jankowski, 22 623-32-10 jajan[at]ciop.pl
      Dariusz Kalwasiński, 22 623-46-08 dakal[at]ciop.pl
      Mariusz Kowalski, 22 623-32-11 makow[at]ciop.pl
      Zuzanna Urbańska, 22 623-46-08 zuurb[at]ciop.pl
      Mieszko Wodzyński, 22 623-32-11 miwod[at]ciop.pl
Upper limb computer models with the ability to simulate fractures and head with industrial safety helmet for reconstruction and prevention of accidents at work.
Project manager - Marcin Milanowicz M.Sc. (Eng.)
Contractor -
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Computer tools using virtual reality technology for interactive mapping of selected mechanical hazards to prevent high potential incidents when operating the crane
Project manager - Dariusz Kalwasiński M.Sc. (Eng.)
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The use of mixed reality techniques to test optoelectronic protective tools equipped with a vision system
Project manager - Andrzej Grabowski Ph.D. (Eng.), D.Sc. (Eng.)
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