Information Technology Division - Projects

Development of IT tools and Internet portals supporting activities in the field of occupational safety and health for micro- and small enterprises

Project manager: Małgorzata Suchecka Ph.D. (Eng.)

Project summary:

"The aim of the task was to develop computer tools for small and microenterprises that would support them in timely and efficient fulfilling of obligations related to activities in the field of occupational safety and health with special focus on supporting the process of correct occupational risk assessment at most workplaces and systematic improvement of OSH conditions.Within the task the structure, the contents and information materials were designed and developed for 3 new parts of the existing Internet portal for microenterprises for the following branches: food industry - bakery and confectionary, vehicle transport and metal machining.Those materials have been organized in the following sections: - binding legal acts,- the employer's obligations related to ensuring OSH in the enterprise in accordance with the law, - a calendar - an annual list of OSH actions obligatory for of the employer,- information on occupational hazards in the 3 abovementioned branches,- characteristics of tasks related to the economy sectors discussed.The newly developed 3 parts were added to the already existing portal; its visual side was updated to match the changes in the rest of the CIOP-PIB portal.MIKRO-BHP software was also developed. It supports actions in the field of OSH; it is especially aimed at micro- and small enterprises."

Unit: Information Technology Division

Duration: 01.01.2005 – 31.12.2007