Department of Chemical and Aerosol Hazards - Projects

The activity of the Interdepartmental Commission for Maximum Admissible Concentrations and Intensities for Agents Harmful to Health in the Working Environment

Project manager: Jolanta Skowroń Ph.D.

Project summary:

The task consisted in conducting activities related to organizing the meetings of the Commission, running the secretariat of the Commission, preparing content-related materials for the meetings, preparing information materials for representatives of organizations of employers, employees, sectors and members of the Commission, consultations on the toxicity of substances new on the list of MAC and expert opinions on motions enterprises present to the Commission.The Interdepartmental Commission passed 12 motions on suggesting to the minister relevant for occupational affairs on changes in the maximum admissible concentration and maximum admissible intensity values of agents harmful to health in the working environment.

Unit: Department of Chemical and Aerosol Hazards

Duration: 01.01.2005 – 31.12.2007