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Investigations of the possibilities of using genetic algorithms in digital active reduction systems of stationary low-frequency noise

Project manager: Grzegorz Makarewicz Ph.D. (Eng.)

Project summary:

A survey of issues related to the use of genetic algorithms in optimization and control was conducted. Also conducted were simulations with the use of the specially developed so-called Matlab scripts.Special Java software was developed for this study. The software's functionality was made significantly greater in relation to the scripts, e.g., it is possible to conduct simulations with the use of floating point coding of parameters.The results of the simulation tests and the laboratory measurements confirmed the advantages of using the genetic algorithm for selecting the parameters of the controller of an active noise reduction system. The results of this research task were implemented by developing training and information materials available on the Internet at These materials include programs that make it possible to simulate the operation of active reduction systems that use the genetic algorithm.

Unit: Department of Vibroacoustic Hazards

Duration: 01.01.2002 – 31.12.2003