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OSH-BHP - Polish OSH literature database in English

OSH-BHP - Polish OSH literature database in English

The database OSH-BHP, which is elaborated by the Polish National CIS Centre, contains descriptions of chosen Polish publications on occupational safety and health. The aim of preparing this database was to help foreign users to get information on Polish OSH literature and data on Polish OSH achievements contained in theses publications. OSH-BHP database could be useful for foreign users, as well as for Polish ones, thanks to the titles both – in Polish and in English and the possibility of subjects searching in both languages. The database contains descriptions of publications (eg. books, journal articles, law documents) of 2000 – 2007 as well as some earlier documents and the database  development will be continued.
The publications descriptions, elaborated (according to the rules of MARC format) in the computer system ALEPH used in CIOP-PIB, are based on abstracts, prepared for the International CIS Centre in Geneva. The subjects of the publications are characterized by the descriptors from thesaurus in  English and in Polish and by the abstracts in English. Spanish and French version of the thesaurus has also been implemented in 2007, what allows to search for information also in these languages. URL addresses of the full texts  of the documents will be also included in the part of the database.

Searching OSH-BHP database