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Polish National CIS Centre

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Links to Polish and foreign OSH institutions.

The enclosed list includes selected Polish and foreign institutions with their names in Polish and in English or in the language of the certain country as well as the links to their home pages.

Links to the CIS Centres

More information on the CIS information system, its organisation and products, as well as on occupational safety and ergonomics, may be obtained on the  websites of the institutions, which play the role of the National, Cooperating and Regional CIS Centres, e.g.:

Data on other CIS Centres could be found on the website of ILO-CIS:

Other links

Other links to the websites connected with CIS Information system and  as well as with occupational safety and health, e.g.


International Labour Organisation

Sheila Pantry Associated LTD.


CIS Newsletter

ILO Budapest Subregional Office for Central and Eastern Europe


Anyone interested in the activities of the Polish National CIS Centre and the whole CIS information system should contact:

Barbara Szczepanowska MSc.
Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation