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The International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre CIS has been operating since 1959 within the framework of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, fulfilling the role of a worldwide information centre, collecting and disseminating literature about occupational safety and health, protection against accidents and occupational diseases, ergonomics, environmental engineering and many other related areas.  

The CIS Centre in Geneva has organised a network of about 155 National, Collaborating and Regional CIS Centres, in more than 100 countries on all continents.  In 2004 the first Regional CIS Centre was organised.  The network of CIS Centres constitutes a worldwide OSH information system.  

In Poland, the role of the National CIS Centre is fulfilled by the Central Institute for Labour Protection -  National Research Institute

The Polish National CIS Centre collects, stores and distributes information materials prepared by the International Labour Office ILO, the International CIS Centre and the National Centres.  This includes magazines and bulletins, databases, programmes of activities, information on the latest publications, as well as schedules of courses and conferences.  

The National CIS Centre distributes the publications of the International CIS Centre, including the ILO Occupational Safety and Health Encyclopaedia, the bi-monthly magazine Safety and Health at Work.

It is also a subscriber among others to the CISILO/CISDOC database that has been developed by the CIS Centre in Geneva, which is contained on an OSH-ROM disk, together with five other databases, as well as the CISDOC-TEXT database, containing the full content of documents (up to 150 pages), excerpts of which are contained in the CISDOC database and in the ILO-CIS Bulletin.