Work clothes and footwear
  • to be provided to the workers free of charge (article 2377 § 1 of the Labour Code
  • the work clothes and footwear provided must satisfy the requirements specified by the Polish standards 
  • the employer may not allow a worker to work without the work clothes and footwear anticipated for use at a given work post 
  • the employer defines the types of work clothing and footwear the anticipated duration of use in consultation with the workers selected by the work force 
  • the work clothes and footwear are the property of the employer 
  • the employer is obliged to ensure, that the work clothes and footwear used have protective and usage properties 
  • the employer is obliged to provide laundry, maintenance, dusting and decontamination of the work clothes and footwear; these activities may be conducted by the worker, on condition that the employer pays a financial equivalent at the level of the costs incurred by the worker
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