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Support and development of technical competences of accredited research and calibrating laboratories

Project manager: Kinga Makuła M.Sc. (Eng.)

Project summary:

Works carried out in research and calibrating laboratories included:
- improvement of the management system through internal audits, management reviews and realisation of corrective and preventive actions;
- quality control of researches and calibration works through fulfilling of quality control programmes;
- improvement of personnel competences through participation in trainings;
- update and supervising of documents of the management system in the laboratories;
- update of research and calibrating procedures being a part of accreditation of the research and calibrating laboratories;
- improvement of IT system supporting the supervising of documents of the management system in research and calibrating laboratories.
To fulfil the task there were organised 49 internal audits and 6 overviews of the laboratories management system. There were realised 52 corrective actions and 131 preventive actions as well as 139 renewed researches and 30 renewed calibration works within the quality control procedures. Technical competences of laboratories personnel were improved by taking part in 24 external and 15 internal trainings.

Unit: Testing Laboratories Division

Duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013